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Ez Cargo Packers And Movers are trusted name in the movers and packers industry. The Ez Cargo Packers And Movers with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, our reallocation service experts put their job in perspective, and offer tips to increase productivity and decrease stress. We seamlessly endeavor to provide pro active and easy solutions to our clients that meet the individual’s requirements accurately.

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Ez Cargo Packers & Movers

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What Our Advantages

If you are someone who is shifting from one home to another, then you must be faced with loads of work in terms of packing your things and then moving them. Not only does this pose a danger to the safety of your goods but also creates a lot of work for you. This is why it is a good idea to hire a company of packers and movers and then hand over the entire work to them. There are many advantages of hiring movers and packers and some of the main ones are given as follows.

  • safety of your goods
  • Less work for yourself
  • They use the right methods
  • Retail Package Good
  • Speeds up the process of shifting

Shifting of homes is not such a big task for you if you leave it to trained professionals. They are the ones who know which articles should be loaded first on the trucks and which articles should be loaded the last. This means the order in which these items are to offloaded the truck or lorry when they get to the destination. Professionals take care to keep this in mind.

In the field of Packing and Moving Ezcargo Packers and Movers is a leading company in India, they offers any kind of packing and moving services at affordable prices, We promise our customers to deliver Long Distance Relocations to all cities and area in India.


It’s very hard to find best packers and movers if you need any type of office relocation services at affordable price in India these days, but if you choose any kind of Home or Office relocation services in your area Ezcargo Packers and Movers is the right place for you.


The task of relocating offices and corporate offices involves a bit different skills from that required to shift homes and houses. While the latter involve shifting of furniture and articles of daily use like the refrigerator and television, these may not be there in an office

Ezcargo Packers and Movers are very well known in area of car transportation and Car Carrier services anywhere in India, We promise our valuable customers to deliver their Car and other motor vehicle at accurate time, our expert team which is having too many years of experience in packing and moving the vehicles one place to another place very carefully.

Ezcargo Packers and Movers in is one of the well identified and well known packing and moving company which offer the most excellent service for International Cargo transportation Services to our customers at cheap rates located in different areas or part of the world.

Payment Method

Bank Details:

Ac. 409000943991
Ifsc code: RATN0000052

01. Expert Staff
We offer all types of international packing moving services, relocation services, shipping of goods from the nearest port, freight forwarding, air cargo moving, air parcel delivery.


02. Logistic Services
You are here at Ez Cargo packers & Movers looking for packing services on your relocation needs


03. Ground Shipping
Our first and only goal is to pick-up and deliver your car safely and at the agreed time.


Great Team, Great Moves

Why Choose Us

15 years of experience, and catered to thousand clients to shift home or office.

Ez Cargo  Authorized channel partner. 100% secured with insurance coverage.
Coverage to 19,000 pin codes, covering 735 out of 739 districts in India.
Excellent packaging of all items including fragile and valuable items.


Meet Our Team

We Have a Professional Team

Jack Mehoff


les Williams


Amita Bisht


Megan Haynes


Why Choosing us?


Global supply Chain Solutions

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value.


24 Hours – Technical Support

Specialises in international freight forwarding of merchandise and associated logistic services.


Mobile Shipment Tracking

We Offers intellgent concepts for road and tail and well as complex special transport services


Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

Ez Cargo Packers And Movers are transported at some stage of their journey along the world’s roads.

Welcome to Ez Cargo Packers And Movers.

Incorporated in 1998, the Logistic Companies has used its local expertise to cross international waters and serve an ever expanding global market.

Trusted Client


Their performance on our project was extremely successful. As a result of this collaboration, the project was built with exceptional quality & delivered.

Orlando E. Dougles
Green Valley Inc, London


These guys are just the coolest company ever! They were aware of our transported for road and tail and well as complex transport services.

Magdelana Donowan
CFD Engineer